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Outpatient-Center for adult ADHD

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We offer expert ADHD assessments to help diagnose this disorder. Diagnosis depends on evaluating results from interview and psychological test data, the assessment of third-party records. Neuropsychological tests may be used to rule out other conditions.

Our research areas of interest are neuropsychological test, pharmacological treatment as well as psychotherapy and comorbidities (such as sleep disorders) in adult ADHD. We also investigate into the development of vocal acoustic biomarkers in ADHD.

General Information about ADHD

The cardinal features of this syndrome are inattention (severe distractibility, forgetfulness, and disorganization), impulsivity (reckless behavior or carelessness), and hyperactivity (extreme restlessness).

Originally thought to affect only children, the symptoms of ADHD are known to persist and cause problems in some adolescents and adults. ADHD can interfere with performance at school, at work, and in relationships, and can lead to feelings of low self-esteem, as well as depression and anxiety and sleep disturbances.


Psychopharmacological treatment (e. g. Methylphenidate or Atomoxetine) and psychotherapy (kognitive behavioural therapie, mindfulness based therapy, coaching) may be applied.

Please note that due to capacity reasons the offer is currently limited.

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