"Affective Disorders"

Our Concept

"Affective disorders" belong to a group of mental health disorders in which a person's mood and drive are pathologically altered. Various disorders are counted among this category, ranging from unipolar depressive disorders (e.g. depression, major depression) to bipolar affective (earlier called manic-depressive) disorders. However we do not constrain our treatments regarding these particular syndromes, but also treat patients with comorbid anxiety symptoms or disorders (e.g. generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder).

Our therapeutic options range from outpatient and day-clinic to inpatient care. Currently a total number of 32 inpatient beds and 10 day-clinic places are available in our two clinical units, providing widespread care in mulitple settings. We work together closely with psychiatrists and other health care professionals in the local community, who are able to refer patients for hospital admission or to our specialist consultation service. Patients are able to engage the services of our "Erste Hilfe" (24 hours per day, 365 days per year) for assessment and advice.

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