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Das Bild zeigt einen Arzt, der bei einer jungen Patientin eine Augenuntersuchung durchführt.

Psychotische Störungen

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Psychotic disorders are often chronic, severe, and disabling disorders that can be found all over the world. People with psychotic disorders may have perceptions of reality that are different from the reality seen by others around them, resulting in sometimes odd or even bizarre behavior. Despite considerable improvements in available therapies over the last 25 years, the severity of symptoms and a sometimes lengthy road to recovery during treatment is still very demanding on patients, their relatives and the therapeutic team. Our main goal is to enable clients with psychotic disorders to lead independent, satisfying lives. In order to achieve this, patients do not only need medical and psychological, but also social support to be able to return to their normal course of life. We seek to help our patients by employing a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, co-therapists, nurses and social workers. Therefore we use an integrated treatment approach that is specially tailored to our patients' needs, including antipsychotic medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, social rehabilitation, social skills training, ergotherapy and physiotherapy. In addition we also provide special services including psychoeducation and horse-assisted therapy. Our clinic also offers treatment for specific groups of patients, including a mother and child unit for patients with postpartal psychoses and their offspring, as well as highly specialized diagnostic and psychiatric treatment options for vietnamese patients with our without psychotic symptoms and their relatives provided by a native Vietnamese-speaking psychiatrist. Continuity of care is ensured by providing an inpatient unit, a day clinic and a specialized outpatient unit.