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Affective Neurosciences

Understanding emotions and treating depression.

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We work at CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin, Campus Benjamin Franklin, and have our research base at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at Freie Universität Berlin.

Our main interest is the investigation of human emotions. We try to better understand the influence of emotions on well-being and memory function and their modulation by electromagnetic fields, direct current stimulation or pharmacological interventions. The higher-ranking goal is the translation of new findings into clinical practice. Therefore, we study the efficacy of new interventions in the treatment of depression and other stress-related disorders.

Our second focus is to better understand the consequences of forced migration on mental health. Here, at the interface of academic medicine and foreign aid, we try to develop and establish new treatment programs that are both culture sensitive and easily accessible.

We have obligated ourselves to a broad, interdisciplinary work in due consideration of clinical, cultural and neuroscientifical perspectives.


In our clinic, more than 2000 patients with affective disorders are treated per year. Patients can register for one of our special consultations and get more information on treatment options with non-invasive brain stimulation.

Selected Projects

The most important goal of our group is to improve treatment options for patients with depression or other stress-related disorders by developing and establishing new treatment strategies.

PsychotherapiePlus (BMBF)

This project (contact: Sabine Aust) is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The aim is to investigate whether cognitive behavioral therapy can be augmented by transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in the treatment of depression. It is a multicenter trial including study sites in Munich, Freiburg and Tübingen. The project is part of the German Center for Brain Stimulation, which, in turn, belongs to the German “Forschungsnetz für Psychische Erkrankungen” Patients who are interested in becoming a part of the study can get more information here To participate it is necessary to understand and speak German, since psychotherapy will be provided in German only.

DepressionDC (BMBF)

This project (contact: Felizitas Ehlen) is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The aim of this clinical trial is to investigate the efficacy of a combined therapy of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and antidepressant medication. It is a multicenter trial managed by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, further study centers include Freiburg and Tübingen. The project is part of the German Center for Brain Stimulation, which, in turn, belongs to the German “Forschungsnetz für Psychische Erkrankungen”.

Depression Prediction Study

This project (contact: Simone Grimm) aims at developing clinical, neurochemical und neuroimaging parameters to predict individual responses to antidepressant treatment. In particular, we focus on brain stimulation and ketamine. To detect relevant parameters, we apply different techniques such as structural and functional MRI and investigate a number of clinical variables.


This project (contact: Simone Grimm) is funded by the European Union and aims at developing a clinical decision support system to improve personalized treatment of psychiatric disorders. Therefore, a battery of techniques from neuroimaging and bioinformatics are combined to identify recurrent patterns associated with a response to treatment. Please visit the project site  for further Information.



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