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Autism Spectrum Disorders

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The focus of our research is to understand the psychopathology and the development of evidence based intervention in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). In own projects and as part of the ASD-Net we study basic psychopathological mechanisms in ASD using structural and functional MRI, genetic analysis, and neurocognitive tasks. Additionally, we develop and evaluate psychotherapeutic interventions for adults with ASD without accompanying intellectual impairment.

We represent adult psychiatry in the ASD-Net in Germany (Project 1b), a research consortium founded by the German federal ministry for research and education (BMBF).

The ASD-Net pursues the establishment of a large clinical and research network focusing on the key challenges in ASD diagnostics, therapy and health economics. The multidisciplinary ASD-Net brings together excellent expertise in ASD, Germany's largest cohorts in ADI-R/ADOS-diagnosed children, adolescents, and adults, and state-of-the-art genetic and neurobiological research.

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