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Ein Mann füllt mit einer Pipette eine blaue Flüssigkeit in Reagenzgläser

Selected publications Clinical Neurobiology Lab

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  • Clemens, V., Regen, F., Le Bret, N., Heuser, I., & Hellmann-Regen

    Retinoic Acid Enhances Apolipoprotein E Synthesis in Human Macrophages

    J Alzheimers Dis 2018; 61(4):1295-1300.
  • Hellmann-Regen, J., Gertz, K., Uhlemann, R., Colla, M., Endres, M., & Kronenberg, G

    Retinoic acid as target for local pharmacokinetic interaction with modafinil in neural cells

    2012; 262(8):697-704.
  • Hellmann-Regen, J., Herzog, I., Fischer, N., Heuser, I., & Regen, F

    Do tetracyclines and erythromycin exert anti-acne effects by inhibition of P450-mediated degradation of retinoic acid?

    2014; 23(4):290-293.
  • Hellmann J, Jüttner R, Roth C, Bajbouj M, Kirste I, Heuser I, Gertz K, Endres M, Kronenberg G

    UV-A emission from fluorescent energy-saving light bulbs alters local retinoic acid homeostasis

    Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci 2012; 262(1):87-91.
  • Hellmann-Regen, J., Kronenberg, G., Uhlemann, R., Freyer, D., Endres, M., & Gertz, K

    Accelerated degradation of retinoic acid by activated microglia

    J Neuroimmunol 2013; 265(1-2):1-6.
  • Hellmann-Regen, J., Uhlemann, R., Regen, F., Heuser, I., Otte, C., Endres, M, ..., Kronenberg, G

    Direct inhibition of retinoic acid catabolism by fluoxetine

    2015; 122(9):1329-1338.