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Global Mental Health

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MEHIRA (Mental Health in Refugees and Asylum Seekers)

This study (contact: Kerem Böge) is funded by the “Innovationsfond der Krankenkassen“ and the German Ministry of Health. It aims at developing a stepped-care model to treat stress-related disorders in refugees. A number of low-threshold interventions are tested at different project sites such as a gender-sensitive group psychotherapy (Aachen), a peer-to-peer intervention (Charité Campus Mitte), a resource-oriented psychotherapeutical approach (Munich), as well as a specialized treatment for adolescents (Mannheim, Ulm, Marburg). In addition, health economic data are collected (Mannheim) and a customized smartphone application for the purpose of psychoeducation and stress management support will be evaluated. More information can be found here and here.

Balsam Project

This project (contact: Nada Elmahdi, Jessica Sommer) is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and is realized in cooperation with Help e.V. It aims at developing a psychiatric-psychological health care structure at three selected health centers in Jordan (Mafraq, Sahab, Zarqa). Therefore, local personnel will be trained on-site and a web-based training manual will be developed. Seven specifically trained psychologists and psychiatrists from Jordan and Syria already work on this project and receive regular supervision. Further information can be found here.


This study (contact: Judith Strasser) is funded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and is realized in cooperation with the Jiyan Foundation. The aim is to systematically register existing psychiatric-psychological health care structures in Jordan and Northern Iraq. In addition, the project pursues the goal to bring together local members of the help system and promote exchange and communication among them.

PAGEL-Partnerships for the Health Sector in Developing Countries

DAAD-Programme „PAGEL-Partnerships for the Health Sector in Developing Countries”

Development of psychiatry and psychotherapy in Vietnam through education, training, exchange and cooperation between the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Hanoi Medical University.


Duration: 2019-2022

Projektmanager: Dr. med. Thi Minh Tam Ta, Dr. med. Eric Hahn, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Isabella Heuser-Collier

Project targets:

- Establishment of a long-term cooperation structure through the exchange of students and scientists, joint research projects and the organization of international conferences in cooperation various medical disciplines.

- Improving psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care in Vietnam

- Improvement of psychosocial care and prevention of mental health issues in Vietnam

- Joint development of teaching modules for primary and continuing medical education as well as the promotion of the expertise of the teaching staff at the HMU

- Development of binational and international networks for higher education, exchange and qualification in science and clinical skills in psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology and brain research

- Further development of joint expertise in international cooperation and development aid in both universities by establishing a bilateral sustainable partnership between HMU and Charité Universitätsmedizin Medizin



Dr. med. Thi Minh Tam Ta

Email: thi-minh-tam.ta@charite.de