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Geriatric medicine

On this site you will find information about clinical trials in the field of geriatric medicine

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Clinical trials

In our capacity as a research institution our goal is to develop and progress new therapies and treatments. Clinical trials are a crucial part of this process. Participation is voluntary and the trials do not affect our other diagnostic and therapeutic services.

All clinical trials we conduct are placebo-controlled. One group of patients receives the test treatment while another group is treated with a placebo.

In addition to this safeguard, trials are double-blind: neither the participants nor the persons administering the trial are aware which is the test group and which is the placebo group. This ensures impartiality and strengthens the quality of the results. Each trial includes follow-up study.

Who can participate in trials?

A variety of criteria must be met for participation, including age, severity of the diagnosis and the general health of the participant. These checks are carried out on an individual basis.

For more information about forthcoming clinical studies, and to find out how you can take part, please contact us to arrange a consultation.

Pioneering new approaches

In this interview with German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, the head of Geriatric Medicine at the Charité Dr. Peters discusses new approaches for treating Alzheimers. Watch the interview.

Clinical trials to participate in:

Studies funded in co-operation with industry partners:

Clinical trials enquiries

Steglitz on CBF

+49 30 450 517 688

+49 30 450 517 977

Buch on CBB– ECRC

+49 30 450 540 077

+49 30 450 540 997