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DZNE Delcode observational study

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DZNE DESCRIBE-FTD observational study

How are patients with a variant of frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) developing? The DZNE, member of the Helmholtz Association is researching the development of different variants of FTLD in multiple research centers in Germany. The aim of the study is to document the naturalistic course of the disease. Analyses of the assessed clinical data, MRI-neuro-imaging, results of biomaterial including genetic analyses will be performed.

We are looking for: healthy control subjects; patients with a variant of frontotemporal lobar degeneration (PPA, PNFA, LPA, semantic dementia, behavioural FTLD).


  • You have a caregiver.
  • You fulfill the requirements for MRI-neuro-imaging.

Content of the trial:

  • Extensive assessment of cognitive performance.
  • Medical anamnesis.
  • MRI-examination as well as (if applicable) examination of cerebrospinal fluid, urine and blood. 
  • Regular examinations over the course of the disease (incl. blood and vital signs).

Length:  5 years.